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Beat procrastination and fulfil your true potential

Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped procrastinating over what’s personally important to you.

Maybe that’s getting your act together and looking for a new job.

Or pulling on your running gear and taking those first uncomfortable steps out as you say to yourself “this time I am going to see it through and get fit”.

Or maybe it’s refusing to spend another Friday night in front of the telly, and doing something fun with your partner again.

We all procrastinate. We all put off things we don’t want to do. In our lives we’ve all eaten the cake today and complained about the muffin top tomorrow.

Let’s call it – your procrastination is stopping you live the life you could and should live.

So that’s why I created Get It Done – because I wanted somebody to have my back as I tried to create changes in my life. I couldn’t find anything like Get It Done, so I created it in two weeks. More about that later – let me simply explain what it is.

Get It Done is one-to-one life coaching on WhatsApp

Every week for a month you’ll get one-to-one personalised advice, encouragement, inspiration and weekly nudges to help you fulfil your true potential. For only £25.

Get It Done in 1 month

You can make permanent changes in your life in just 1 month. You can start personal creative projects. Reboot your fitness. Lose weight. Get a new job…

If you are focused, do something every day, and are supported with personalised one-to-on coaching to help you reach your true potential…

You can Get It Done in 1 month.

Using Get It Done is as simple as this:


Send a WhatsApp message to us over the weekend with what you want to get done in the week coming up. Tell us how you feel the last week went, and let us know anything else that’s going on.


We’ll respond by Monday latest with advice, encouragement, ideas and inspiration totally personalised to you. Whatever goal you’re trying to achieve this month, we’ve got your back and we’ll provide whatever input we think will help you reach it.


Throughout the week you’ll receive WhatsApp messages from us encouraging you to make progress and Get It Done. We’ll also respond to any direct messages from you within 24 hours.

I have been where you are now

Stuck, tired, knowing I can achieve more for myself, but not getting going. As a strategist working in advertising and digital agencies I know only too well how much time and energy we put in our jobs – neglecting ourselves in the process.

I trained as a life coach to help myself and other people regain balance and work towards the lives we want.

In October this year I had the idea for Get It Done. I launched the business. And I starting working with my first three people. All in two weeks. The very example of Getting It Done. What I did for me, I can help do for you.

Get it Done is only £25 for 1 month

Reach your goal in 1 month.

Get It Done costs £25 for 1 month. This compares very well with conventional coaching which starts at £250/month. Think of this – your Starbucks Latte at £2.25 every work day costs you £45/month. Get It Done will do far more for you for almost half the price!

One-to-one coaching on WhatsApp. Personalised feedback, accountability, nudges, ideas and inspiration every week, throughout the week, to get unstuck, focus on what matters, make progress and Get It Done!