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Remarkable is a personal growth consultancy run by Magnus Wood. I work with high performers committed to work on themselves to create a remarkable life. Will you join us?

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If you want to be the best version of you and live a remarkable life, you’re going to need a coach. Probably not all the time but at least to get you started and keep you on track in the early days. 

There’s usually never time in the day for you and where you want to go. Make time – either at one of our half-day workshops, or at one of our transformational remarkable weekends

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Some remarkable people I’ve worked with

Working with Magnus has been a transformative experience for me.

He’s coached through the hazards of entrepreneurship, and allowed me the opportunity to focus on my ‘Zone of Genius’ rather than getting bogged down in the small stuff. By having the freedom to create it’s shifted the way I work, raising the performance of Restival and my confidence as a curator.

Magnus’s coaching has given me the space to create remarkable experiences as our New Year’s Eve party, Revelry Reinvented testifies.

Caroline Jones

Wow working with Magnus was such a treat. He’s got this amazing empathetic way about him. Doesn’t just give you an answer, but guides you to finding the answer yourself. And his whole manner is so positive, you can’t help but just want to find the answer. And more than just a good coach, he’s a great human being…one you’re glad to have help you along the way.

Raj Samuel

“Tired” but manic. Broken but filling days with “busy-ness”.
Everyday for a year I felt like I was lurching from one morning to the next. Then Magnus enters my life.

Magnus is perceptive, subtly persuasive and totally empowering.

He doesn’t judge, or belittle the past. Come to think of it, he doesn’t do that to the present either. He just gives you the power to push yourself with purpose.

Go on, I dare you. Have him show you how to find a new, no-bullshit approach to things. You might even stop lurching.

Robin Dhara

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